Pete Davoli

theres some saying, it goes … well im not exactly sure how it goes but the main idea behind it is that the people you surround yourself with says alot about you.

well, since i dont exactly surround myself with anyone very often i guess that says im sort of empty and lonely?

but when i do surround myself with people, they are wild, drunk, generally irresponsible, rude, just alot of other poor qualities. 

i used to think it didnt really matter to me and i was outside of this “curve” but in all actuality i dont like it much anymore.  and even though im usually a pretty descent person, i think it says that i am in fact guilty by association; a piece of shit.

now let me make sure you fully understand that i dont think my friends are pieces of shit. i think that they have the hobby of making poor decisions. they are good people. just poor deciders.

i guess what im trying to say here and not doing a good job of, im completely torn with my place in life.

i had a mediocre performance on the train last night. i havnt performed in a while. so it was good to stretch my muscles. i thought it was only the 6 people on the top level of the car but apparently the entire car was paying attention. i say it was mediocre cause i was a little too drunk and couldnt keep my composure very well… like ya know i wasnt staying focused in character i guess and i was just giggling and making side jokes to myself about myself but over all the people laughed and im sure they enjoyed themselves. i thanked them for their time and wished them a good night as i exited the train.

im not sure what i was eating but my hands smell like graham crackers. which is awesome.

one of the girls at work smells like cookies everyday and it really makes me wanna have sex with her.

i received my christmas present today. no not early, 9 months later and slightly used lol.

riot fest was a fucking , well im not sure i have adjectives for it. it was quite the experience this year. but i accomplished exactly what i wanted and that was to see Me First And The Gimme Gimmes . im not going to try and explain it but i will say that ive been covered in mud for the last three fucking days. yeah fucking total balls.

i think that people are shit. and whats even worse is when you sift through the shit youll find some fucking nuts.

people are fucking shitty.

ill ramble on n on for well im not sure how long

cause i much more prefer to not be heard.

if im lucky enough to be graced with your presence

then i might be inclined to drop a funny line

or to just simply bring a smile upon your face.

ive been called a creep and weirdo and for all intensive purposes ( i dont know what that means) i agree with you and i am. 

im not quite like anyone else and the more i try to be ” normal” the further i feel from everyone. 

its usually better that im a lone wolf. i may say the wrong thing or hold the door open for the wrong person one day.

honestly the honesty just docent seem to work for people. 

i like the idea of the strong silent type. so i have become just that.

i wont share a feeling with meaning or a thought of distraught ever again. 


why dont people ever get addicted to good stuff? why is addiction always associated with negativity ? oh yeah , cause too much of anything is never a good thing.

i want a truck . did i tell you? yeah im gonna buy a truck. im a winter monster and i like the winter and i need a vehicle to support that. i know everyones like why not a jeep dude… yeah jeeps are cool but im not gay and i dont have kids so i will not be buying a sport utility vehicle. im getting a fuckin truck and im gonna rip shit.

what about a house? yeah i wanna house. or just some sort of dwelling of my own. who knows. idk. i dont think . thinking sucks. im not good at it. so i dont.

i like bananas for breakfast. the healthiest thing i do all day is have a bottle of water and a banana for breakfast.

i beat off to a 50 year old broad gettin banged out on the internet today. she was ok.  

i didnt go out this weekend. i dont go out pretty often. i like it. 

a good way to not get addicted to pills is to dislike them

i didnt nap after work today. im not sore. im not even very hungry. 

im not very funny right now. 

its so weird how it just turns on n off. 

today i came up with a sex position for gay dudes right off the top of my head. out of no where. 

i guess i just used all my creative juice earlier today . plus i beat off 3 times in the last 5 hours so my brain is just blahhhhhh.

i wanna be funny right now. 

lol ill stop. if you are still reading this  im so sorry. 

just bla bla bla bla  bla 

its like a fucking diary.

shutttt up

i put on some skinny jeans yesterday cause i was listening to this thing on the radio or i read it or something and it said that if guys are wearing jeans with too much extra that it says they have no fashion sense and are compeltely clueless as to what is going on …. which i totally have more of an idea than most people . but i cant wear skinny jeans. i can wear like straight legged levis. those are as tight as i can go… my leg muscles and my d n bs  just do not fit. 

also speaking of that i was looking in the mirror the other day and i flexed my leg muscles… they are disgustingly ripped. like they are jacked up beast mode legs. 

oh well. 

youre still readin this? 

my prostate was all like woahhhh cause you stuck your fingers on it. then me and my cock threw up at the same time. barf

gunna drink milwaukee polish beer cuase hey wisconsin

if you throw lunch meat at a cat its like a pussy sandwich

how much you wanna bet the guy doing the outback steak house commercials has a fake accent. like they really did a casting call for an authentic australian dude..” were looking to type cast for this project…” i could have made 500 bux . crikee

if i grew up in a cheese sandwich factory it would be so hard to crap uhmuhgud

im so important. people are always like pete what do i ????????? where can i ?????????? who does????????? and im like woahhhhhhhhhhh i like tacos!!!!

i decided im gonna start refering to any girl i related with for any period of time with cool names. like theres cell phone girl who i was like “engaged” to . and nards girl who was the girl from work and prob my fav one. and theres highschool girl i saw her at the bar the other night, weird. and butt slut cause i did her in the ass a whole lot, wack town girl cause she was the only girl from wauconda i ever hung out with or liked… banana only cuase her name had all the same vowels in it. there was pyschic chick , and shity city, rin, E, i guess i cant really remember them all but thats ok.

i was gonna go somewhere with this but im kind of drunk and just like the relationships i just cant remember .

its weird being drunk now cuase it happens after like 3 beers and i dont like it.

but whatever.

im not sure what shaq movie is on tv right now but this elderly black dude thats like his accompliss just ripped off danny glover in lethal weapon… he said ” im getting to old for this” fuckin hack

this distillers album is really good

im gonna be 29 this year. a part of me kind of feels 29. i think i fully feel 29 when i live by myself. other parts of my feel 20 or younger. like eating cereal dry out of the box every day of my life. or getting really excited when girls show me their boobies

well after the end of a relationship i like to “get the stink out” and really rid myself of the remnants. not that this ended badly. but in order to move on there are things that need to happen for me to feel ” over it” …

first… i need to take the left over items and put them with the other leftovers ive collected over the years. i dont know how or why but girls always seem to leave me with some sort of keep sake. weather i want it or not. from hair pins to bras and shirts to lunch boxes. just all sorts of little reminders. so i keep them all together in a drawer. never to be looked at again. unless of course they wanted them back.

second… clean the sheets. gotta get the sex gone. i mean thats just gross.

third… delete all the dirty pictures from my cell phone. even though i wont share them with anyone, its still creepy and wrong i feel to keep them laying around. its not my pussy anymore.

fourth… i will not be doing. but fourth is deleting the phone number and text convos. i wont be doing that on this one cause we ended on a good note and we are above all else still good friends.

but yeah

what a productive day off. shit… its not even 11 yet. im gonna go get my D sucked !!!!

id name a horse cheese cake.

those anti smoking commercials do exactly what they were designed to, freak me the fuck out.

im gunna go to work tomorrow. and the next day. and the next day. and the next day and the next day and the next day and im going to work so many days in a row i cant even fucking count. i guess it works out tho… ill get 3 days off in a row and then i can work 2 weeks straight again. whatever. ill be in chicago the whole time fucking off and not giving a shit. thank god

i let my car insurance go. i think they have a 5 day grace period………….. idk. i kind of dont care. it feels really good. i cant even remember if i payed my sprint bill in the last 2 months. lol i still dont care. i think the cable is due. lol ….. i blew my nose on my face/pillow  a few nights ago. idk whats goin on with me but it feels good. i was driving to work this morning and i wanted to be late. of course i wasnt. but usally id look at my phone and think to myself ” you just had to pet that kitty cat didnt you” i mean im never late. ever. but i just dont care. i didnt wash the hair spray out of my hair for 3 days last week. i looked like punk rock threw up on a menards uniform that i didnt change for 3 days. i should be working out right now but i think im just gonna eat another sausage and lay in bed with my pants around my ankles.

lost my wallet doing some internet shopping…

she said she wanted to march right up to her and say that she was an idiot and she didnt even deserve a guy like me.

thats gotta be the most flattering thing ive heard in a while.

its hard to tell what gets me in trouble more.

actually its just my brain in general. people are always like oh everyone thinks fuct up shit they just dont say it.

i agree but i think that my brain comes up with wayyyyyy more fuct up shit than most other peoples… and i say it. almost with no hesitation. weather it be right to someones face or worse ( according to todays standards) on facebook.

me i think its funny. but then again i think almost everything is funny. especially me. i think im fucking hilarious. i have no problem being by myself all day cause im god damn funny. ill walk my brain around all day and put it infront of anything and find something humerous about it. and then ill be like oh brain youre so funny . then ill tell myself god im so funny.

if you were gonna say im crazy then you are probobly right. i agree with you. i wouldnt say im a full functioning member of society but i do enough to get by. alot by crazy person standards thats for damn sure. i mean i work 40-50 hours a week, pay my bills on time. thats pretty good for someone who has had ice cream for breakfast twice this week.