Pete Davoli

its hard to tell what gets me in trouble more.

actually its just my brain in general. people are always like oh everyone thinks fuct up shit they just dont say it.

i agree but i think that my brain comes up with wayyyyyy more fuct up shit than most other peoples… and i say it. almost with no hesitation. weather it be right to someones face or worse ( according to todays standards) on facebook.

me i think its funny. but then again i think almost everything is funny. especially me. i think im fucking hilarious. i have no problem being by myself all day cause im god damn funny. ill walk my brain around all day and put it infront of anything and find something humerous about it. and then ill be like oh brain youre so funny . then ill tell myself god im so funny.

if you were gonna say im crazy then you are probobly right. i agree with you. i wouldnt say im a full functioning member of society but i do enough to get by. alot by crazy person standards thats for damn sure. i mean i work 40-50 hours a week, pay my bills on time. thats pretty good for someone who has had ice cream for breakfast twice this week.

hey tumbleritos!!!! there is a huge hole in my boxer shorts and i havnt changed them in 3 days. id like to say i give a shit cause usually i do but im just so fucking soar and tired that i couldnt give any more fucks right now.

i smell like shit. im really dirty. like you can see the dirt on my skin. my hair is just 3 days caked with hair product, dirt, and probobly fireball whiskey. it feels pretty good. ive been laying on my stomach farting for a couple of hours now. chipotle.

they asked me to join this group on facebook. ive been posting obnoxious stuff thinking theyd remove me right away. appearntly people love it cause ive been getting comments n likes about every 2 minutes er so for the last hour.

im funny. who knew? oh yeah

i got this sort of girlfriend. its sort of awesome. she feeds me. she picks me up when im drunk and lost. ( which dosent take much now a days cause i cant drink worth a shit and i get sleepy really early) ah i dont wanna go into details. shes pretty cool. but shes like not really my girlfriend cause like were not dating. its weird i dont get it.

so im always just like whatever!

if you thought i was obnoxious before, you aint seen nothin yet.

real hugs n kisses cuase i miss you bitches. ill try n post more tho for reals.

ive got this crazy thing with corndogs n roller blades i wanna do.

im just full of half assed or just half material. i cant put it together lately .

like i was gonna do this bit about painters n why they always wear those all white outfits. all like durrr look at me i suck at my job… or im really awesome at it.

yeah i cant get it together. well i can. ive just been putting my brain power into other things i guess. mostly anything having to do with work. like work. or working out. or working on beating zelda 64 and not getting stuck on that stupid water level again.

i think its cause im not frustrated. the anger really does it for me on many levels.

right now im just really content and blah. but its fun. i must say that. except saturday night … i should have just stayed the fuck in like i wanted to but of course i had a huge lapse in judgement and just hated myself for it. but whatever no regrets.

ok that got my blood pumping a bit. here we go…

lol actually im not gonna go off on this one. i just dont care. the dude is just a fucking bitch. lol

lol i just dont have it me. to be angry. or funny. or anything.

ok i got a raise at work today. i did my 6 month review. im fucking awesome and 2 bosses had only good things to say and just sat nodding their heads at eachother like ” yeah” .

it feels good to know in a year n half i just came in dropping my ball bag all over peoples faces and just trumping people that have been there years before me.

its even cooler that i went off and did something i never did before. and i fucking rocked it.  i volunteered for some training program bullshit. lol i dont know but the GM asked me and i like the guy and he needed people and im not scared so fuck it. ill sit in a room and clown around.

i accidently got a “healthy” item off the taco bell menu the other day. it was ok.

chunky peanut butter vs creamy.  idk. but …. its basically like they intended on creamy but then some mother fucker got lazy one day and looked at the guy next to him and was like ” hey whaddya think??”

oh these guys have english accents btw…

" i dont know if Jif is gonna go for it"

I remember… We were driving in Scotts grandpa’s 85 crown vic. It had a Jesus statue on the dashboard. There was 5 of us. I remember Scott n bird upfront I was back left and I can’t remember who else, maybe mark n Landon? Idk… We pull up to Spencers house, this crazy fuckin bar hag comes stumblin down the drive, her worn out t shirt said sperm on it. We were dying laughing. She comes around mine n Scotts side of the car and starts “oh you guys must be the basketball team”

Lol oh my god. It’s crazy all the stuff I dont remember until some strange commercial on TV reminds me.

Hey old dudes. Wash your Damn hands in public restrooms. No one wants to touch your dick by proxy. I heard what you were doing in there.

some cheap sippin whiskey on the rocks. couple newports. not a bite all night.

it dosent break my stride. i think. but then again who wants to think when all u get is trouble.

i might live in between but i stay within my means. i dont shoot for great but its all i can be

ill sit there and laf when i look it comes back

i was wrong

everyone knew all along

im a pig and i know it my appearance sure shows it but sometimes inside yeah it feels like a lie

no matter what i do its not enough for you

the shit that i drink and the grin when i wink

im up to no good but for u i sure would

give up on it all wont stay for last call

im all that is man and i do what i can

but when we get to the end im my only best friend

well im alone and i know it and these wrinkles they show it

but for now raise your gin and we’ll wince once again

tell ya what … lol

life makes no fucking sense anymore

i dont wanna be a drunk

i dont wanna be a square

i wanna go out

i wanna be responsible

i wanna eat like a tubby bitch

i wanna work out

i wanna be so many things

i wanna go back to work

it feels like ill never figure it out

ive been off work for a week n half er so and im just lost

i need to work i cant think

when i think you get this

when i think , i think i can write again

no that i ever thought i was great at this but im firmly secure in believing that all of my inspiration to bring you funny, relatable, strange crap was just from anxiety, angst, and too much god damn time.

here i am again drinking alone listening to a song that i think for the time explains my life and im writing. not that i think this is even decent by any means but im gonna bother the fuck out of you if you have read this far…

i thought i had shit figured out. i thought i was different. actually i am different and thats what sucks the most. i dont know what im doing anymore. im just fucking stupid. im 27 years old and i shouldnt be putting pencils in my nose acting like a walrus. i shouldnt be hanging upside down off my bed making animal noises. but then again im a wild animal. im not like anyone else. so i dont know what i should be doing .

i still think the microwave is awesome. anything u can put in there and eat 45 seconds later is just fucking amazing.

i bought capri suns like 2 weeks ago. i left um in my car . oh yeah i gota car now. well for the last year n sum change.

i had a real falling out from writing. so i cant remember ( not that i ever could) when we last spoke.

there was this one time on my old computer where i had an awesome itunes collection and i even went as far as to get the album covers.

ya hear i am with my new comp a year n half later and im finally uploading all this bullshit.

i just couldnt give a shit. i dont really now either but ive got nothing else to do. im drinking vodka and sobe life water out of a kids sippy cup. its a bear. i cant explain it. i thought up this great idea to drink out of a redic container tonight so yeah . thats what i did

i tried embracing marks whole ” never wear shoes or socks thing” but i cant. i hate that my feet get dirty. its fucking gross.

do you hate that you are reading this? do you hate that you thought you knew me?

lemme tell you something. i dont even know me. everyday i wake up its something different and its always new.

i dont know who or what i am anymore

maybe its for the best.

whatever i was before wasnt good enough or too good or whatever the fuck it was you said

so i say fuck that.

shuv it right up ur fucking ass and suck my huge hangy fucking balls

im another day older and just as pissed

fucking forget this shit

one day im gonna move away from all of this

im over it its gone whatever i was chasing and i dont even need it any ways.

im gonna get what i want .

but then again… i dont know where im going but i know where i want to be

the in home training is not hard. but it is a pain in my god damn ass. but i suppose it looks good to do a little bit every now and then. its never bad to learn something…

Are you sure????

Are you sure????