Pete Davoli

i guess i always felt like i was apart of something. it was always fun but you could tell the times were changing and the shit was fading. the bonds remain strong but the times between, now are long.

pictures and blurry memories. broken hearts and glass. the joints went around and i always passed.

we would get riled up, and shit would get broken. we would drink everything.

snort some blow and go through a pack of smokes. wake up with empty wallets and no ride home.

skateboard was our way and destruction was our game. our friends floors is where we would stay.

we got older and some of us moved on. some of us died and went beyond.

from what i remember i will never forget, all the times we always said yes.

its always cold in the middle.

the button on my ipod.

half of my cuticle has grown in. i half happy about this.

did u ever just flip your bike over when u were a little kid and …… never mind i just want some ice cream

no dont plug that in… you wouldnt want to print anything anyways.

yeah my hand writing is totally legible, you’re right

i feel pretty good today…

much better than before…………………………. u know what the means.

star wars marathon on betamax ….. yahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

no calls

texts ok

but u already know that

im gonna be honest … phone calls are almost as strange to me as when someone knocks on my door now.

people knock on the door im like ducking and hiding , peaking out the window to see who it is. someones calling me… if its not mark, brittney, my dad, or jim .. i am just freaked out. “shit should i answer it?” “am i ready to hang out with people today?” ” i wonder if my laundry is done??”

shits so weird.

he mentioned they would be eating differently. i didnt realize he actually meant not eating.

whatever. tums have calcium … ill be fine

stupid silver packages that have been on the shelf on the desk for like a year… i know they are like disposable cameras or film or something but they look like hidden snacks and i want them to be.

i wonder if anyone ever found those flip books i used to make on the corners of texts books… ya know with the lil dude shredding a half pipe.

flip books are cool

things that move are cool

if im gonna move my bowels i had better put something inside of me first

i think ccs got the message

but then again…

why are they called sports bars? everyone there is fat, old, and drunk.

dont forget about how smart i am. if i pulled some shit like that . world war 3. but i shrug it off. why not just be upfront. its much easier for everyone. dont fuck around.

Time gets wasted every day
I watch the minutes tick away
My brain is melting like a
chocolate ice cream bar
Like characters on TV
these people look like maggots
to me and I wonder what the
hell is wrong with me
Milk fed little beauty queen
she’s straight out of a magazine
she sits beside me
breathing different air than me
The perfect generation sees that I’m
infected with disease and
everything just crumbles
and there’s nothing left
If I wanna do something right
I gotta do it myself or someone
else will fuck it up
It isn’t all black and white
and now it’s time to stop
and figure out reality
No one knows what they’re
talking about if what they’re talking
about don’t making any sense to me
I gotta figure it out
cause I don’t want something
to believe in



this place fucking rocks. chicago. south loop. both times ive been there, its just the best. its small. its loud. its rowdy. theres a woop ass bar and restaurant to chill in. theres a record store on top of the place. if… i mean when you go to reggies, go early. hanging out in the bar is great. live music. cool shit on the walls. good food. awesome people. the prices for drinks is not bad at all. 350 for a bottle of bud. hell yeah.

we walked into the bar and sitting right on the fucking corner is daryl  

the lead singer from the Bollweevils

and mark fuckin adkins

the lead singer of guttermouth. yeah just sittin in the bar chillin out hangin with everyone. we shook hands with both of them, abbott bought mark a shot. other band members are just all over the place. its fucking awesome. i love going there.

the two opening acts were good as hell too. the bumpus hounds and the new threat. those guys were all awesome and cool as fuck. they were all just walkin around the crowd after they played. shakin hands.

mark and daryl were hangin by the merch counters just chattin it up. daryls crazy ass jumped in the damn mosh pit during guttermouth. its just fuckin cool.

the last time i was at reggies mr precision of 88 fingers louie was just standing next to us watching she likes todd, play. 

abbott was drunk and bat shit crazy thrashin around and fallin over… he threw his cell phone on stage. hit mark in the face with ice, tossed a t shirt at the band.

reggies is the best. FUCKING GO THERE.

punk rock shows are sleazy smelly situations. theres nothing i hate more than hearing those cunning tales of desperation, awesomeness, and sheer luck. “oh man i lost my ticket but then like the dude just let me in for free and then i caught the guitar players pick”

just shut the fuck up.

yeah i get it music is powerful stuff but really your a fucking d bag and i dont want to hear it.

you know what i like. purchasing my ticket 2 months in advance. i like getting to the venue an hour early to make sure everything is squared away. i like to have a good base buzz before the opening bands play. i like when sweaty disgusting skinny pale men in tight jeans stay away from me. i love that you cant smoke inside those places anymore.

im old and generally better looking and way above 90% of the people at those functions.