Pete Davoli

i am super fucking pissed off right now. i have a smart phone with a really great camera on it. i can take my own QUALITY pictures of my stuff now. right? wrong. i cant get the fucking pictures onto tumblr. i can upload them one at a time but what the fuck does that do when im trying to talk shit or explain stuff. fuck this stupid thing and fuck my stupid fucking smart phone. god dammit. i hate all this faggot technological bullshit. i hate that 4 year olds can download and play apps on a fucking ipad but i cant do anything. i am real fucking pissed off right now. i got a turbo grafx 16. its fucking old and stupid. i wanna show it off on my bitch ass video game blog but i fucking cant cause fuck you. god dammit damn it . what the fuck.

you are obviously not happy with yourself. and thats fine. i dont like you either. but your impact on other people is most certainly not taken into account, and for that you are selfish human being. one of the many traits i loath.

il just put my drinks on an air hockey table cause i like the challange

cant i just sit and pray and stare at my cell phone all day

my hairline is going to trouble me

pool noodles and wires and its so overwhelming

where do i start

why didnt i finish

its just my own little gray area

its like i dont know what to do and i like have nothing to do and i dont want it

anytime you wanna run away, my shoes are tied

i dont know where these things come from and why im so stupid. people say love isnt easy but i think its worth it. i guess i dont always do the right thing but its hard when i dont know what the wrong way is. i just gota remember to be strong cause someone out there means the world to me. i always put down the toilet seat.

ive been so consumed with being an asshole lately… i forgot to be a good person.

u know i always believe in holding the door for someone could totally change their day.

i have not been doing this lately

but the best time to start turning things around is now.

reach out to someone sad

hold a door open

let an old lady go in front of you at the grocery store

yeah im gonna be nicer and hopefully making other peoples day will make mine too

i guess i always felt like i was apart of something. it was always fun but you could tell the times were changing and the shit was fading. the bonds remain strong but the times between, now are long.

pictures and blurry memories. broken hearts and glass. the joints went around and i always passed.

we would get riled up, and shit would get broken. we would drink everything.

snort some blow and go through a pack of smokes. wake up with empty wallets and no ride home.

skateboard was our way and destruction was our game. our friends floors is where we would stay.

we got older and some of us moved on. some of us died and went beyond.

from what i remember i will never forget, all the times we always said yes.

i tried cramming it right into my eye

then i chewed it to try n get the water to come out

ill squeeze the shit out of it so the cap bursts off

the road less traveled

twisting the cap would just be like everyone else

i ate some hot chilli pepper in this sauce ? idk some fuct up shit it was pretty good so i put it on a cookie .

could she . would she.

i dont know

cheese sticks are so good

like good

i wonder who decides what flavors should be square and which ones should be tubular???

i want his job

ill bet hes got some problems pooping. ya know cause cheese blocks ya up n stuff.

hes probly so high up the corporate ladder hes got eaters to do that shit for him. lol hahaha for real

i cant stick this pen far enough down my throat … cause i already know whats going to happen

eat ink. poop a tatpoo

no such thing

god dammit i just wanna tear this fucking thing apart

fuck this desk . im gonna rip it apart and smash my god damn computer with it

the ill piss all over it and call it a day

im more of a fan of loose change

eh it could be different but uhhhh i dunno

i will be fucking it up for the rest

i always wanna just bang around in my black pocket t

but i cant

i always thought i was fat

now i am

i was never confident

but i was always sure as shit

my beard is so grizzly i cut myself with an electric razor

people usually have better things to do

who wants to hear about food and farts and cool bands from 15 years ago

yeah i question life . i guess maybe thats why i spend so much time looking in the mirror. even i get sick of looking at me from time to time.

the winter time is always so balls. its hard to go be no where when its uncomfortable.

maybe thats why i like water so much. its everything and nothing at the same time.

the only way to express myself cannot be found in an outlet store.

a bruised eye and a fat lip always helps put things into perspective.

im my own person. pretty much because no one else ive ever met is like me.

the music in my head phones is usually loud enough to share with everyone.

whats life if you dont share it.

socially awkward. head down. i stroll slow cause i dont wanna go.

i dont think i ever let it just slip away.. i watched it go

but i never saw this one coming.

R u full of shit? Is that why people are drawn to you? Is it what intruiges me? The fact that i can pull a liar out of a crowd without them even speaking to me but for some reason im blinded by something?

Or r u really just that electric? Maybe u give off the vibe u r? Maybe deep down you are really that sad sorry person i love to hate. Weak, insecure, un accepted?

Should i? Could i? Walk all over u?

I swore id never again. People deserve respect no matter the circumstance. But am i respecting myself? Have i sold myself short?

Do you mean the things you say? Do you think before you say them? Do you? Do you?